Anna combines creativity, courage and determination with her intuition and wisdom.

She has extensive experience in embodiment practices, design thinking, art direction, visual design, and community building. She loves to cross disciplines and boundaries.
Anna is co-founder of Systemic Sensing .studio. 

She has a degree in graphic design and illustration at ISIA and a Masters in Communication Design at the world-famous Central Saint Martins. She worked as a Community Manager at Impact Hub Florence, connecting people and spaces. She has been Art Director in kids fashion, independent food and wine labels and brand identity projects. She has funded and organised a social design festival “Design with a View” in collaboration with Central Saint Martins.

Her curiosity in the body’s wisdom led her to study for 2years Cranio-Sacral and Bioenergetic massage. She has also been active in the global Presencing Network for 5 years and in this frame she studied and practiced Social Presencing Theater (SPT). 

She also practices meditation and mindfulness going regularly to Plum Village (Thich Nhat Hanh), recently she has discovered Darma Ocean and the teaching of Reggy Ray on the mindfulness of the body.

After having experimented for several years Systemic and Family Constellation as a path for personal growth, this year she began actively studying it.

Anna is also co-founder of “Leadership Cycle – ideal and values in leadership”, an online learning community of change makers.

Anna is originally from Florence, she has been living in Barcelona and London for study purposes. Three years ago she moved with her dog Lucio to Brussels, called by love. Recently she moved to Hamburg together with her two loves, a human and a dog. She loves freestyle cooking with friends and long walks in nature.



Marie-Hélène navigates with ease and joy through the fields of systemic awareness and the body as a conveyor of subtle information

She loves facilitating for groups, big and small, and individuals to journey into deep explorations of their inner and outer systems in order to gain new insights and perspectives.

She is co-founder of Systemic Sensing .studio. Certified in Systemic Constellations and in Daan van Kampenhout’s Systemic Ritual®, her practice further grounds in teachings and learnings from Nature Constellations, U-theory and SPT, Art of Hosting, Source principles by Peter Koenig, non-dual tantra, meditation and eventful life experiences.

Today her focus lies in bringing body-based practices into the areas of environment, sustainability, community, architecture and urbanism.

She is also founder of Faciliyo where over the last years she committed to bringing citizen engagement to higher standards of integrity and consistency in collaborating with local administrations, city planners, experts in mobility and engaged citizens.

She once was a language teacher & trainer; worked as production manager in the art world; and alternated temp jobs as project or management assistant in businesses with extensive travels abroad.

Marie-Hélène is based in Belgium, soon relocating to a wooded area. She is a blissful gran of two little loved ones, is inspired by experimental art & thinking and has a penchant for silence. She facilitates in fluent French, Dutch and English.


what they say about us…

The sensing truly allowed me to have clarity on what is at stake on the location we considered. It made the potential challenges visible. This obvously is very precious prior to committing (or not) in full awareness of the system, with sensitivity and intuition. The presence, posture & methods used by the facilitators were supportive and in full service of the caller’s process.
Carole Janssens
The sensing sessions were facilitated with great confidence. This gives us, participants, the required trust to really let go and be fully available for the sensing experience and for the information to arise through us in service of a given project. What I also find rich in the sensing work is that it is not just in service of a single individual. It is about projects everyone can relate to. In being a participant, you’re not only giving, you’re also contributing to meaningful projects.
Aline Stukkens
“A space of trust and care to have a clearer view on the system and issues in which we are involved. It helped us to go forward in our project with a shared conscience of what was at stake. With simplicity, authenticity and accuracy, we were led in a process which I believe had impact beyond what we can picture!”
Véronique Slegten, Faciliyo
“The way of working through the body to get an intellectual answer is amazing. The body knows it all.”
Elisabetta Spada, singer and songwriter
What I am touched by every time is when we enter the ‘field’ and its power, intelligence and how it guides towards transformation. It is a journey in allowing the knowing to emerge from a place I know nearly nothing of. This work supports me in connecting to some kind of universal wisdom, a library of resources, a network of invisible connections. It invites me to trust.
While working online, I was impressed by feeling part of the field together with the other online participants, even though I was on my own in a room.
Sophie Renard, psychomotrician
“Your hosting offers a safe space to return to the essence, a moment of recentering and interaction, listening to the body, its perception and life longing to express itself through it. I felt listened to, inspired, guided, refocused and appeased.”
Maggy Leoncelli
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